• Why does my air conditioner smell when running?

If your air conditioner smells when running, it’s a sign that it needs cleaning. Over time, mould, bacteria, fungi and other microbial contamination can accumulate within the unit. Odours and contaminants are then blown out of the unit when it is operating.


  • Why is my air conditioner leaking?

The most common cause is a blocked main drain. This is most often caused by a high build-up of dirt and contaminants. Other possible causes are a blocked back drain, an ice build-up on the indoor unit due to a lack of refrigerant. If the leak is due to a blocked drain and/or dirt and gunk build up, a professional clean will fix the issue. We advise against just getting the drain line cleared, as the problem will most likely return. Leaking air conditioners can cause a great deal of damage to carpets, floors etc.


  • I clean my air conditioner’s filters, so why do I need professional air conditioner cleaning?

The filters are only one part of the air conditioner. Dirt, mould and bacteria build up on internal parts over time. When you clean filters, you are only solving part of the problem while much of it is found inside the unit, including the chassis, barrel fan, evaporator coils and drainage system. These simply cannot be cleaned by hand. An Air Detail professional clean removes all the dangerous mould and contamination from your air conditioner. This ensures your machine lasts longer, will run more efficiently (up to 30% power savings), and most importantly, you will be breathing fresh, clean, healthy air.


  • How often should I get my air conditioner cleaned?

In general, air conditioner cleaning is recommended every 12 months. This will depend on how often you use your air conditioner. The warmth and high humidity on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW facilitate the growth of mould, bacteria and other microbial contamination, making it essential to get regular professional air conditioning cleaning. How frequently you clean your unit can also depend on whether you have pets, if you’re renovating, if there are smokers in your home or building, or if you live near highly congested roads. A full clean is always our most recommended service as wiping vents and cleaning filters only removes surface dust, meaning that mould and contamination remain present in the coils, fan and drains and will continue to spread, potentially resulting in system break down when you least want it.


  • Why does my air conditioner not feel as warm/cool as it should?

This can often be because the coil is dirty. Make sure to have your air conditioning unit professionally cleaned on a regular basis to improve long-term performance. Our process involves checking your system is functioning correctly prior to cleaning, so we will always discuss any further issues with you before commencing work. 9 times out of 10 the temperature and air velocity will improve after cleaning.


  • Why is my air conditioner not blowing air as hard as it should?

In many cases, your fan might be dirty, inhibiting airflow. There are 400 small fan blades inside the drum, and when these blades build up with dirt and other bacteria, it can cause long-term damage to your unit. However, once the fan has been thoroughly cleaned, it will improve. Again, regular cleaning will eliminate this problem.


  • Why does my air conditioner make a rattling noise when I turn it on?

The blower fan  could be out of balance because of a build up of dirt and bacteria. A deep and thorough clean in most cases will help fix the problem.


  • Why should I clean my air conditioner?

Freeing your air conditioner of mould, bacteria and other impurities will help reduce the risk of asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses. It can also help restore proper airflow to your unit, help you save on expensive repairs and cut up to 30% off the running cost of your air conditioner, and most importantly you can rest assured that by having your air conditioner professionally cleaned by Air Detail, you will be breathing only clean, fresh and healthy indoor air.


Is there any mess involved in cleaning my air conditioner?

No. Our process of cleaning HVAC systems ensures all dirty water and particles are safely captured and disposed of, using only the latest fit for purpose equipment.


  • Are the cleaning products you use safe?

We only use non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning products that are completely safe.


  • How can I prevent the spread of bacteria and other impurities from my air conditioner?

Unfortunately, airborne allergens can be hard to avoid. The components of your air conditioner can act as indirect or direct sources of particles and biological growth, and even the best filters aren’t immune to mould, mildew and other organisms.

You can, however, try to prevent the spread of bacteria throughout your home or workplace by having your unit professionally cleaned regularly using the correct products and equipment.


  • What’s the difference between Air Detail and other air conditioner cleaning companies?

While other cleaning services might use alkaline or acidic-based chemicals to clean an air conditioning unit, Air Detail only use biodegradable and asthma and allergy safe products that are much less harmful to people and the environment.

At Air Detail, we only use our custom made, fit for purpose air conditioner cleaning equipment to ensure your machine is completely and thoroughly cleaned. Beware of inexperienced contractors and technicians using cheap ineffective products and equipment. This will in fact make the issue of mould and bacteria in the head unit of your machine worse. We sadly all too often attend clients who have paid out good money, only to find that the dangerous mould and contamination has not only NOT been removed, but has in fact made the issue worse.

We also offer clients a 12-month mould-free guarantee along with competitive rates without ever compromising the quality of our work and treat all homes and businesses with the utmost care and integrity.

Air Detail is family-owned and operated with over 10 years of combined experience in the industry, helping us to become the No.1 Clean Air Maker on the Gold Coast and across Northern NSW.

Our Customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority from the time you contact us, to the completion of your job. Because we are 100% owner operated, you will always deal with us personally. You will never be passed off to outside contractors.


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